Based on current breakthrough research in neurophysiology
and ancient contemplative disciplines,
Mindfulness Exercises is a secular practice
that validates the mind-body connection.

ME is measurable through direct experience
and accesible to anyone.

About Us

Mindfulness Exercises

The simple daily practice of Mindfulness Exercises is backed
by cutting edge scientific research and leads to
an increase of your objective awareness and a transformation
of your perception, your behavior, your emotional responses,
your physiology and the way you experience reality.


We show you how you can get rid off this feeling
of constant exhaustion we call stress
and achieve psychophysiological (mind-body) balance
by consciously regulating your nervous system,
rewriting your neural connections (self-directed neuroplasticity)
and creating a state of coherence between the heart and the brain.


The body, vehicle for our consciousness, has psychophysiological transformation
mechanisms that allow us to change the way we experience reality.

Altered/non-ordinary states of consciousness are not a strange phenomenon.
The reason they do not occur spontaneously is because they need to be
deliberately and consciously evoked through daily practice.

Eric Knouse
Founder of Mindfulness Exercises

“Our brains have wonderful plasticity. We are working on “practicing” deconstructing neuronets daily
– our intention is to to be as conscious as possible every moment. We use biofeedback and the latest
ME bio-metric technology to accelerate this transformation process. In the ME 8 Week Online Course,
we practice developing the skill of focusing attention and managing reactivity.

Through this practice we learn to occur as a laser light of awareness that arises into our moment to moment
experience. The laser light of awareness cuts through the fixated distortions of habitual thought patterns
— we then breakthrough, we occur as Awareness itself, the infinite expanding light of consciousness.”

Learn Mindfulness Exercises

A fully guided 8 Week Experiential Online Course

This is one of the most comprehensive Mindfulness programs ever created.


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