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In this fully guided course you will develop advanced skills of focusing attention and managing reactivity.
Through this practice you will learn to occur as a laser light of awareness that arises into our moment to moment experience, cutting through the fixated distortions of habitual thought and behavioral patterns.


What is

Mindfulness is a secular practice supported by the international scientific community and whose essential origins date back to ancient disciplines of meditation.

Mind-Body connection

The act of focusing attention is a biological process designed to cultivate health and balance.


It promotes the growth of new connections among existing neurons and even the growth of new neurons.


Introspection, mindfulness and focused attention are the key elements that make possible a self-directed neuroplasticity.

8 weeks – 9 sessions

8 weeks of continued practice is all you need to transform your psychopshysiological processes (source).

Our course

A fully guided 8 Week Experiential Online Course

This is one of the most comprehensive Mindfulness programs ever created.

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Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time

Course Content and Features

8 Weeks to Transformation

The simple daily practice of Mindfulness Exercises is backed by cutting edge scientific research and leads to an increase of your objective awareness and a transformation of your perception, your behavior, your emotional responses, your physiology and the way you experience reality.

We show you how you can get rid off this feeling of constant exhaustion we call stress and achieve psychophysiological (mind-body) balance by consciously regulating your nervous system, rewriting your neural connections (self-directed neuroplasticity) and creating a state of coherence between the heart and the brain.

9 online webinars

1,5 hour group sessions with exclusive contents.

Student Library

Video recordings, downloadable practice audios.

Exclusive contents

Scientific research, tips, tools and lots of resources.

Biofeedback Technology

Integration of Biofeedback Technology (optional and not a prerequisite).

DaIly 1-on-1 support

Daily personalized support with Eric Knouse, course facilitator.

ME Breathing Assistant

Eyes-open practice to achieve coherence: mind-body balance.


Our course is a direct experience designed to maximize your effort to establish or reinvigorate a daily practice, and accommodates to a busy lifestyle.

Session 1

Posture and breathing basics.
Practice space. Life-Style.

Session 2

Developing the “muscle of the observer”:
objective witnesses of our internal experience.

Session 3

Autonomic Nervous System
conscious control.

Session 4

Safety and Trust: relaxation response,
the parasympathetic nervous system.

Session 5

Working with emotional attachments
and emotional resistance.

Session 6

Active mindfulnes practice:
State transitions and the Sphere.

Session 7

Being aware of our self-imposed limitations:
Boundary conditions and suppression barriers.

Session 8

Recontextualization of past memories
and endorphin release.

Session 9

Playing with the Vortex and
mindfulness in the daily life.


9 comprehensive fully guided sessions

Instruction on:

Focused Attention

Developing the “muscle” of the objective observer.

Conscious Breathing

The Science of Diaphragmatic Brething

Nervous System control

The 9 bridges/doors for autonomic control.

Emotional Regulation

The Tree of Emotions and hormonal balance.


Heart-Brain Psychophysiological Balance.

Relaxation Response

The Parasympathetic Nervous System.


Unconditioning subconscious habitual thought patterns.

Eyes Closed and Eyes Open

Downloadable audios + ME Breathing Assistant


This is what our students say.

“The course gave me the opportunity to sit still; to replenish my mind, body and spirit. Stopping for those 20 minutes each day allowed me the space to be truly present (like a mini vacation from the chaos of life).”

Jessica F.


“I recently completed ME 8 week course. What Eric has to offer is the simplest, most direct and well-explained introduction to meditation that I have encountered. I highly recommend his work to anyone, and especially those who want to start or reinvigorate a practice that encourages the body and mind to surrender into deep peace, bliss, healing, and expansion.”

Ross Hostetter

Boulder Integral

“As an experienced meditator I found the Mindfulness Exercises brought a new depth to my practice. Not just relaxing, Mindfulness Exercises has the potential to be healing and transformative.”

Pete Kirchmer

Optimal Health Research Foundation

“I am a wellness facilitator and personal development coach. Discovering Mindfulness Exercises has accelerated my clients’ (and my own) progress 10-fold! Through physiological awareness of proper posture, breathing, and sequence I have learned to achieve higher states of awareness consistently and anytime I want!”

Joy Kingsborough

Wellness Coach

Course Facilitator

Eric Knouse

In 2008, by opening himself to internal guidance, Eric Knouse found a way to access deep levels of self-awareness, and has created a simple and straightforward way to teach others to do the same.

His practice focuses on the scientific aspects of body-mind chemistry as well as mindful techniques. Through intense study of neurobiology, brain plasticity, brain chemistry and other related bodies of work, he began to see the external scientific validation for his inner experience and states of awareness.

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Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course for everybody?

Yes, you don’t need to know anything about mindfulness of meditation when you start, and you don’t need to be under chronic stress or anxiety to benefit from the course. However, if you’re suffering from severe depression or similar conditions, we recommend you consult with your doctor before taking this course, as described in our disclaimer.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This is an 8 Week Course presented in 9 sessions.

What do I have to do?

You’ll need to attend our weekly online conference calls (90 mins) and practice daily using our guided audios. Conferencing as a group efficiently optimizes the use of time of everyone and provides an opportunity for the facilitator to answer direct questions in a group setting.

What technology do I need to follow the course?

Just an internet connected PC, Mac, tablet device or smart phone. We also recommend the use of HeartMath’s emWave biofeedback device to accelerate your physiological transformation – invoking coherence between the heart and the brain. The purchase of the biofeedback device is NOT a prerequisite to join the course.

Is it religious?

No, this course is secular and does not contain anything of a religious nature.

How do you follow up with my daily practice?

Every day, you will send a short journal to your facilitator sharing your progress and asking any questions you might have. You can also ask for occasional 1on1 skype meetings.

Why journaling?

As a practicioner you commit to journaling following your daily practices. The journal entries are written as short bullet points which describe your experiences, allowing the facilitator to respond you individually providing detailed guidance and support. With daily guidance, you will discover how to observe your new interior territory at it arises and appreciate a deeper awareness of your own unconsciousness. The journals are read privately and responded to by the facilitator every day.

How much does it cost to complete the online course?

Only $369. The purchase of the emWave device is optional.

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