21st Century living is thick with demands, surprises, diversions, and interruptions.
Everyone could use more balance and the fact is that the body can actually produce
that from within. Each of us has the ability to heal, and to gracefully manage our lives.

ME is a purpose-led business that is committed to teaching a practical approach
to experiencing the mind-body connection applying the latest biofeedback technologies
and mind body practices, enabling all people to realize the truth of their own nature,
regardless of their religious beliefs.


  1. Eliminate all barriers for those truly interested in ME.
  2. Eliminate any language that prohibits someone from receiving the benefits of ME.
  3. Based on direct experience.
  4. Verified by current research in neurophysiology.
  5. Accessible, repeatable, able to be taught by and to anyone.


  1. Provide access to ME broadly.
  2. Create programs that will support people to include ME into their daily lives.
  3. Establish sustainable, scalable training model for broad reach.
  4. Offer free introductions, low cost options as well as personalized, tailored and customized options for people from all walks of life.