How To Make Your Mind Happy: 5 Secrets To Mindfulness

Sometimes it seems like your brain just sits around creating lousy feelings and worries. You want this, you’re frustrated about that, you’re annoyed about some other thing and the list never stops. And it makes it impossible to be happy. What would be nice is to have...

This Place of Peace and Silence

If we decide to learn how to play an instrument, we do not sit in the middle of Times Square, with all that endless noise, all this chronic chaos. We seek a place of silence and comfort. We close the door. We find peace, stillness. Likewise, if we want to learn how to...

How stress affects your brain

Chronic stress changes your brain. Madhumita Murgia shows how chronic stress can affect brain size, its structure, and how it functions, right down to the level of your genes. Also, the result of stress is inheritable, and can be passed down to many generations.

Developing the “muscle” of the Observer

During the practice of Mindfulness Exercises, we develop the capacity of observing “what is”; being aware of it without attaching subjective (constrictive) meaning. We develop this expanded awareness with perseverance, practicing the practice, slowly unconditioning our distorted mind.

The Unconditioned Mind

When an event is mindfully observed, something very interesting happens: we become aware of what the situation internally brings with it, and we choose how to respond. We stop mechanically reacting. This is the way to free ourselves from the prison of the conditioned mind.

Hello, I am Anxiety

Hello! I am anxiety, do not be afraid… I come in peace. I have something to tell you. Would you listen to me? Please… There is something very important you need to know about me.

The Rule of Fear

Fear -which most of the times is illusory- advises us that it is necessary to proceed with caution, but also alerts us that there may be tremendous rewards awaiting.

Mindfulness and Transgenerational Studies

The transgenerational studies are not a “therapy” in the full sense of the word, but an awareness work that allows us to understand the elements of the past that contributed to our development and the establishment of our belief system.