If we decide to learn how to play an instrument, we do not sit in the middle of Times Square, with all that endless noise, all this chronic chaos. We seek a place of silence and comfort. We close the door. We find peace, stillness. Likewise, if we want to learn how to regulate our emotions, if we want to play the notes of the music of our emotional body and try to figure out how we feel, we create a place of silence, a perfect stillness. And then we practice accessing, expanding into new states of awareness.

We are the instrument; We play the strings, and the strings are the emotions. We learn to identify them and feel them as they arise. We learn about our emotional instrument in this place of stillness. Clearly, the place of stillness in the mind. With discipline and practice, we create this place. And then, from there, we learn to observe and feel the subtleties of the emotions, the music that was played in our body-mind all the time. The infinite silence and emotional music is always been there, but we did not know it was there. In this sound proof room we are practicing the expansion of our consciousness.

During the first four weeks of our 8 Week Course we create this place. We develop the muscle of the observer. We realize what is happening inside our body by objectively observing it; we do this in our room of silence, this quiet place in our minds where we can be aware of whatever arises. And later, after mastering our emotional instrument, we take it out to the world and we can play it quite successfully in Times Square. We can move through the world with confidence and certainty that we are playing the notes correctly and that we are in control of our own emotional experience.

Mindfulness is not limited to sit in a chair and breathe. It is about finding a way to live our lives fully, every aspect of our lives. We do not remain forever in the silent room. We must go out into life, we must live life. The Mindfulness practices we teach will give you the guidelines to respond consciously rather than unconsciously react. You will learn to actively and skillfully participate in regulating your instrument. After that, Mindfulness will become fundamental in everything you do. This is how we change our brains, change our bodies, transform our lives.