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Healing Education: Science and Consciousness of the New Educational Paradigm

“Healing Education: Science and Consciousness of the New Educational Paradigm”, co-authored by ME team members Jorge Benito and Christian Simón, is an easy-to-read and understand book especially indicated for individuals, families and teachers looking for the development of a new educational science and consciousness based on the cultivation of seeds of love and knowledge in the minds of our future. In addition to the social relevance of this book, this is a fundamental tool in our program for schools “Mindful Education Program”.

We have a profound debt to the children of our times. Our insensitive system has deprived our children of the right to be children, and our educational system is despicably taking part in this indoctrination process lacking ethics, morals and humanity.

Only a free, conscious, beautiful and magnificent human being is capable of putting into motion the forces that will bring the change that we so much need.

Fortunately, the new scientific approaches and the so-called alternative education are finding revolutionary answers that point to the same direction: our emotions activate the biological mechanisms of learning, thus allowing the human soul to develop the desire to be whole and a genuine interest in the world and its meaning.