Eric Knouse


In 2008, by opening himself to internal guidance, Eric found a way to access deep levels of self-awareness, and has created a simple and straightforward way to teach others to do the same. His practice focuses on the scientific aspects of body-mind chemistry as well as mindful techniques applying biofeedback. Although Eric has not formally explored meditation or spiritual work, he has been gifted with natural and reliable access to inner states through dedicated practice involving body posture, breathing and focused attention.Through intense study of neurobiology, brain plasticity, brain chemistry, biofeedback and other related bodies of work, he began to see the external scientific validation for his inner experience and states of awareness. Over 20,000 journals have been received from the students participating in this journey. These journals have provided unique insight into the students journey. Eric has guided approximately 400 people through the 8 Week Mindfulness Exercises Course in person and online via the Internet. In 2009 he began investigating the use of bio feedback technologies. Today he integrates bio feedback into the the students experience, thereby accelerating the personal journey.

Jorge Benito


Jorge Benito is co-author of the book “Healing Education: Science and Consciousness of the New Educational Paradigm”His wide experience in the field of artistic creation, including theatre, poetry, illustration and design, led him to become Development Director of Escuela Caracol, an intercultural Waldorf school located in San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

An experienced meditator, neuroscience student (HarvardX – Harvard online training), facilitator of diverse mindfulness programs, writer and independent scientific researcher, Jorge is the creator and director of the Mindful Education Program (MEP).

Christian Simón


Christian Simón is co-author of the book ‘Healing Education’. His search for understanding the human nature and the mysteries surrounding consciousness led him to the field of Epigenetics. He studied Biological Decoding, a discipline that connects the human emotional experience with the physiological responses of the physical body. This approach changed his way of looking at things, and encouraged him to keep searching deeper. And this is how he received training in Transgenerational Studies, where he studied the profound implications that the life experiences of our ancestors (or our family tree) have on our own lives. Life choices, beliefs, behavioral patterns, or even diseases, are programmed and serve a purpose in the family system.

Raymond Kurshals


Ray has been involved in the healing and performing arts for over 40 years. He has an extensive background massage with training in 8 modalities. He has traveled throughout the USA and world as a consultant and developer of Pilates and Wellness programs. He has taught children around the world from preschool thru high school and PHD level. He has also been a USA Olympic coach and has worked with the Equestrian arts both riders and horses. Meditator since 1975, he is currently is the founder of Pilates Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an award winning Healing arts center.

Vincent Palladino, DC


Dr. Palladino is a chiropractor, with a background in electronics. He has always been fascinated with cutting edge technologies in electronic diagnostic equipment. That experience, along with a life long meditation practice peaked his interest in exploring emerging technologies in consciousness. Vince has explored many technologies effecting consciousness and their integration with meditation. Vince’s passion for this topic supports Mindfulness Exercises continuing commitment to facilitate the mind-body connection by discovering and sharing simple, powerful and verifiable methods for self regulating the nervous system and reliably enter meditative brain wave states facilitating optimal health and well being on every level.

Isabelle Rudolphi


Isabelle Rudolphi has over 25 years of experience in the field of healing and transformation. After a sudden remission of a life threatening illness in ’89, coupled with the experience of a radical spiritual awakening, she set out on a Journey to find answers to her many questions. Not only did she recover from the illness, but addiction patterns were also erased, never to occur again, as well as streams of thought patterns that had dominated her world, were completely altered and modified. Her Journey led her to places all over Europe, the US and South America to meet teachers, shamans, and healers. Extraordinary people with insight and great knowledge, inspiring a deeper sense about the opening she experienced. She studied with many of them from all different traditions, to find essential similarities in their practice and approach to Healing.
“There seems to be a common agreement that healing happens when our Heart, Mind and Soul are in alignment, in Coherence. As we recognize our deep connection to a larger universe within and without, we are realigned and reconnected to our original Being and become heart-centered. As we step out of our old stories onto the path of transformation, we embrace the opportunity to be changed forever. Changing from victim to hero, freeing ourselves from our previous circumstances, dreaming and manifesting a new perspective of unlimited potential. Believing in a benevolent universe where everything and everyone is sacred, and matters.” 

Sherry A. Knouse

Operations Manager

Sherry comes to ME with a strong background in administration and project management.

She has been working in mainstream corporate environments throughout her professional career for companies such as 3M, Dell, Valero, University of TX Medical School, City of Evans CO, United Way, and State of Wyoming assistant to Elected Officials.