Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time

Every course is divided in two main parts across 9 sessions. The first four weeks are focused on building the “muscle” of the objective observer, what we call “passive” practice. We learn to simply step out of the chaos of our chronic state of stress and start observing and noticing what arises in our internal experience. In the second part of the course we focus on active exercises: we now have a “muscle” of focused attention, the observer, that allows us to go in and observe, notice and navigate our own emotional states with objectivity and without being caught up in the chaos of the emotions.

  • The first two weeks are focused on posture and breathing.
  • In weeks three and four we start building mood and emotion around the feelings of safety and trust.
  • In week five we start the second part of the course, introducing the first active exercise called “the Feeling Wheel”.
  • In weeks six and seven we start working with boundary conditions, unconscious emotional patterns that limit the possible solutions to our daily-life challenges and problems.
  • In week eight we introduce a practice called recontextualization, also called reappraisal in clinical psychology. Human beings have a very special capability of creating a feeling state of safety and trust in the present moment; we can call forth the old feeling and emotion into the present condition of safety and trust and, by doing so, the old memory loses its emotional charge because it’s held by and embraced by the new emotional state that we’ve created around it.
  • In week 9 we play with the vortex: at this time we have an objective muscle strong enough to allow us to close our eyes and practice for 35 minutes without losing conscious focused attention, maintaining unbroken awareness of whatever arises. We are now more aware, conscious and free.

emwaveBiofeedback Device is used in the course and is highly recommended. We use HeartMath’s emWave biofeedback technology in the course to accelerate your physiological transformation – invoking coherence between the heart and the brain. Purchase of the emWave2 or enWave Pro is highly recommended for this course and required for all students that will be enrolling in the Certified Mindfulness Exercises Training (CMET) Program. The emWave can be purchased separately through our Store via this link: http://mindfulness-exercises.net/store

Course Overview

Mindfulness Exercises are simple, yet powerful daily exercises that trigger a natural parasympathetic response in the autonomic nervous system. This response releases powerful neurochemicals (biochemicals) that regulate our emotional body. With the simple posture and breathing techniques of Mindfulness Exercises we learn how to influence- e-motional states (e-energy in motion) through simple daily practice. 

In each 8 week course we practice mindfulness exercises and heart-brain coherence to recognize, observe, notice and then access specific emotional states that trigger a natural response of the autonomic nervous system. The Mindfulness Exercises are fundamental to navigating interior feeling states. With practice, this new awareness invokes a ‘meditative state’ that naturally regulates autonomic nervous system – the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This regulation of the autonomic nervous system calms down the limbic system – the emotional brain, and most specifically the amygdala.

The amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior and motivation, and is clearly involved in our perception of fear. During this course we will learn how to send the amygdala the signal that will activate the “restore and ​repair mode”, the parasympathetic nervous system. Our body will then start releasing endorphins, also called the “happiness hormones”. In the ME 8 Week Course you will teach your body how to switch from sympathetic (stress, fear) to parasympathetic (relax, repair, heal, awareness, bliss). 8 weeks is all you need! (click here to read this article from Harvard University).

Bliss is your natural state of being.
It’s in all of us, waiting to be activated.

“Spiritual experiences”, “altered states”, are common experiences among those that practice with regularity for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. It doesn’t take 10 years of sitting in a lotus position to learn how to trigger this natural mechanism. This course will guide you in this awakening process, and the results of your practice will be physiologically measurable thanks to the integration of biofeedback technology.

We integrate biofeedback technology to accelerate the emotional transformation process. Our students learn to develop the skills of focusing attention with the mind while creating emotional coherence in the body-mind, the heart and the brain. The use of the biofeedback technology integrated with Mindfulness Exercises is at the leading edge of discovering how human beings can develop skills of awareness in regulating the emotional body, and distinguishes us apart from other mindfulness and traditional meditation offerings.


  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Is as good as antidepressants
  • Decreases anxiety and stress
  • Balances the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Social skills and empathy
  • Increases objective awareness
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Increases density of gray matter
  • Improves memory, attention, clarity and focus
  • Boosts creativity
  • Improves emotional regulation of the limbic system
  • Improves body recovery

Course Content

Mindfulness Exercises 8 Week Course is designed to maximize your effort to establish or reinvigorate a daily practice. The course is designed to accommodate a busy lifestyle.


  • Webcasts describing the body/mind connection and the natural mechanisms we all have available to regulate our nervous systems
  • The physiological science about what is taking place in the body.


  • Developing the ability to observe and notice the energies in the body which we call emotions.
  • Focus is on the student’s emotional state to feel safe throughout the process.
  • Through the exercises the student is educated on how to un-condition their attention from unconscious habitual thought patterns.


  • Use of biofeedback technology to aide in deeper coherence (Biofeedback unit purchase is highly recommended and can be purchased through our store at http://mindfulness-exercises.net/store)
  • Weekly 1.5 hour group practice sessions via WebEx, an internet meeting system
  • 10 minute daily ‘eyes open’ biofeedback body practice – a self-guided session
  • 20 minute daily ‘eyes closed’ mindfulness exercises live online practice
  •  Daily journal support – report or questions by email or Skype
  • Live and Studio session audios for download
  • User guide

Eric Knouse

eric knouse headshotIn 2008, by opening himself to internal guidance, Eric Knouse found a way to access deep levels of self-awareness, and has created a simple and straightforward way to teach others to do the same.

His practice focuses on the scientific aspects of body-mind chemistry as well as mindful techniques. Through intense study of neurobiology, brain plasticity, brain chemistry and other related bodies of work, he began to see the external scientific validation for his inner experience and states of awareness.

Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time
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