As an experienced meditator I found the Mindfulness Exercises brought a new depth to my practice. Not just relaxing, Mindfulness Exercises has the potential to be healing and transformative.
Pete Kirchmer

CPCC, Associate Director, Optimal Health Research Foundation

The most wonderful thing about Mindfulness Exercises is how it transformed my personal life. Being objectively aware has reduced my need to attach to old stories and thoughts and thus reduced my level of anxiety and fear. This has been replaced with being present to the moment and choice in what I attach to, leading to freedom and an authentic wanting to follow my true nature. I feel more secure, more empathetic and more energetic.
Juliet Brown

CPCC, Director, Dare to be Free Coaching Group

I recently completed Eric’s eight week course. What Eric has to offer is the simplest, most direct and well-explained introduction to meditation that I have encountered. I highly recommend his work to anyone, and especially those who want to start or reinvigorate a practice that encourages the body and mind to surrender into deep peace, bliss, healing, and expansion.
Ross Hostetter

Director and Co-Founder, Boulder Integral

The Mindfulness Exercises practice is a quick, extraordinarily easy and powerful technique for stress reduction and creative reflection, grounded in brain science and body chemistry…A real breakthrough.
Tom Curran

Former SVP Corporate Planning, Marriott International

The ME-8 week course helped to transform how I view life as well as how I respond to it. I don’t have much experience with mindfulness practice, but this course was easily understandable and the facilitators are very helpful in answering any questions that you may have. I loved that I felt so comfortable while taking this course and how warm and accepting Eric and his facilitators are. This course is transformative on the cellular level. I learned not only about how to explore my consciousness, but how there is a direct physiological effect between the body and mind. I recommend this course to everyone and I commend Eric for offering such an amazing gift. Thank you!
Mallory E.

Austin, TX

The introductory Mindfulness Exrcises eight-week session gave me the opportunity to sit still; to replenish my mind, body and spirit. Stopping for those 20 minutes each day allowed me the space to be truly present (like a mini vacation from the chaos of life). And although monkey mind regularly took over, my understanding of how to cope and maneuver the mind through that has given me the confidence to continue to practice on my own after the course finished. Thank you Joy for your thoughtful guidance and genuine encouragement; you opened new doors into my meditation practice.
Jessica F., Australia

Having a long-term background with meditation helped me to drop-in quickly to the exercises, however, I believe that the techniques may be even more valuable for those who do not have a background in meditation, as a way of introducing them to a daily meditation practice. It took me years, through traditional meditation, to work through my biggest emotional issues, to get to a point where I can quiet thought and have fairly deep meditations. With techniques like these, I believe I could have reached that point much more quickly.” I learned how to quickly drop-in to a mental state that is nonjudgmental, open, curious and accepting, which then allows me to enter into very deep meditative states more easily. I learned how to transition at will, from a negative emotional state, to an opposite, balancing positive emotional state. The formal coursework motivated me to resume my daily meditation practice. This technique is much more active and engaged than other meditation techniques that I’ve practiced. It is very effective at bringing buried emotional issues to the surface and helps to dissipate them.
Mike Dougan

Software Entrepreneurr, Meditation Teacher

I am a wellness facilitator and personal development coach. My area of focus is harmonious well-being, helping clients find relief and healing from depression and stress-related illness. I have explored numerous techniques over the years with varied levels of success. Discovering Mindfulness Exercises has accelerated my clients’ (and my own) progress 10-fold! Through physiological awareness of proper posture, breathing, and sequence I have learned to achieve higher states of awareness consistently and anytime I want!
Joy Kingsborough

Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Exercises Trainer

I came upon the Mindfulness Exercises eight-week stress reduction through meditation course at a time when I felt like I had run out of ideas for managing the stress in my life. I ate well, exercised daily, got plenty of sleep and was on medication for dealing with what I felt like was an unmanageable amount of stress. Had I known that this course was about meditation from the beginning, I probably would have declined, not being a “spiritual” person. Personal experiences have led me to be wary of self-help and guru types. From the first session I knew that this was something different. Eric’s teachings are based firmly in research and physiology. Instead of making spiritual revelation the goal of the practice, his goal was to teach me how to signal my body to relax and release stress-fighting endorphins at will. I am skeptical by nature and liked the way Eric was able to ground meditation in science. He didn’t ask me to make a leap of faith; rather he helped me understand my body’s natural stress reducing systems. Eric is approachable and is a capable and reassuring teacher. He doesn’t use intimidating jargon or set people up to feel like there is a right or wrong way to meditate. After I completed the eight-week session I continue to meditate on a regular basis. Eric doesn’t teach in a way that makes his students feel like they are dependent on him. I appreciate the way I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me on a life-long program of being a disciple. Instead, he gave me the tools I needed to make the practice my own. I feel like my stress levels are at an all-time low and that I am more in tune with my body than ever before. Furthermore, I lost that last five pounds without changing anything in my daily routine. I believe that managing the stress in my life has made all this possible, and none of this would have been possible without Mindfulness Exercises.
Vivienne Palmer, Boulder CO

Mindfulness Exercises offers an outstanding opportunity to learn techniques for meditation. The Mindfulness Exercises practice had been a great source of enjoyment and offered the ability to use skills and new ways of looking at the mind.
Scott T. Schell M.D. North Carolina

Two years ago the Mindfulness Exercises taught me very specific breath and posture techniques, which predictably induce my natural endorphin production. The Mindfulness Exercises practice feels so good and relaxing that I can’t but meditate as often as possible. There is no discipline involved. I simply regulate my endorphin high. As a direct result, the Mindfulness Exercises practice has lead me to the power of now – the power to enter into whatever arises without expectation or blockages, and with full gratitude and curiosity. Two years post, my greatest pleasure is practicing – whittling away at my dwindling duality, separateness and blockages – and thereby connecting myself with the ever-present bliss. I recommend the Mindfulness Exercises Practice to whomever is longing to discover their authentic selfand its highest potential.
Michael G., Boulder, CO

I think the technique is great. It feels very similar to exercise, when I do it regularly it feels great and it’s easy to keep doing it.
Rob Cooley CTO, St Paul, MN

Mindfulness Exercises is simple, straightforward, and within reach. Practicing brings me more frequent experiences of calmness, detachment from stressful situations, and alertness to what’s happening in the moment so I can observe and respond with clarity. There are still some times when I get caught up in emotions or thoughts, but that’s why it’s a practice.
Christine Gust

MBA & Doctor of Naturopathy

My son Ryan has a sensory sensitivity disorder that is exacerbated by stress. He will not sit still to meditate; however, will use the Neurosky MindSet to listen to music or play games. The alpha waves he produces during those sessions create the same healing effects as meditation and have helped him to relax during stressful experiences. When I asked him what he could share with others about the MindSet, this is what he said:” “My mom let’s me play with my brain game [the MindSet] everyday. I love it because I feel so good and happy. I don’t clear my throat as often when I am around lots of people – like I used to. I like it a lot!
Ryan Kingsborough, 7 years old

In today’s stressful times, it is reassuring to know there is a way to reduce stress, maintain balance, and enjoy life naturally. It is without reservation that I recommend Mindfulness Exercises’s approach to releasing the powers within ourselves to combat the challenges of everyday life. Mindfulness Exercises are a uniquely effective way of meditating that took me to a deep and pleasant state of relaxation. For one hour each week during an eight-week scientifically-based custom course, Eric patiently taught me how to release the natural chemicals within my body to achieve a state of mind I had never experienced before. It was a challenge during the meditations to get beyond the mind-chatter of past and future events to a state of ‘being present’. Now I know how and it is very comforting to know I can achieve this delightful state virtually on demand.
Dennis Anderson

Business Consultant

The real value of mindfulness is how easy it is to use it in your daily life. What is also terrific about mindfulness is that it is part of a huge movement that is taking off everywhere. A lot of therapies are now using or recommending mindfulness as a tool, helping people in their daily lives, even in dealing with things like substance addiction, or anxiety. There is no area of your life that cannot be helped by mindfulness.

Eric is a masterful and calming teacher. He is the perfect teacher for anyone who is new to mindfulness.



Mindfulness is a modern and relevant process of really understanding what drives our lives and our behaviors. It’s as amazing as it is simple, and I can feel it altering my life’s course.