To raise the consciousness of every human being on the planet Earth and to accelerate the awakening of all human beings, as well as the realization of Oneness for all human kind.

To integrate the practice of Mindfulness Exercises in what we consider are crucial areas of development of the human being, such as education, health and business, developing specific training programs to be implemented into those areas.

To reveal, practice and teach every human being how to ascend within the human condition to awakening calmness, clarity, health and revealing our true luminous nature. Mindfulness Exercises is dedicated to revealing this calm, clear and luminous state of mind – our true nature.


Enable all human kind to realize the truth of their own nature, regardless of their religious beliefs, through powerful body mind mindfulness exercises that increase calm and relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress. To reach the greatest number of people with this truth, in the shortest period of time.

One of our highest challenges is to make the practice of Mindfulness available for every child in the world, regardless of their culture, social context or financial situation. Learning how to integrate this practice from a very early age has enormous benefits for the mind and the body, which ultimately will lead to the creation of harmonious and truly democratic societies.